Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on banking and financial sector stock returns


  • Mahnoor Hanif PMAS- Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi, Pakistan
  • Majdi Hassan ESSEC Tunis, University of Tunis, Tunisia
  • Basma Henchiri Faculty of Economics and Management, University of Sfax, Tunisia
  • Muhammad AlDaas Azman Hashim International Business School, University Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia



Global pandemic, Event study, Market model, Emerging market, Returns.


Using the Indian banking and financial services stocks, this study set out to examine the impacts of the global pandemic and government measures on the stock returns around four pandemic-related events. This study employs the event study methodology with the market model estimation for a 210-day estimation window [-214,-5] and a 15-day event window [-4,+10]. The reaction was mild to the announcement of 'Health Emergency of Global Concern', but as soon as the coronavirus outbreak was declared a 'global pandemic', the market reacted significantly. Further, due to the expected economic stimulus, the Reserve Bank of India's financial measures resulted in a positive response from the market. The public and private sector banks are almost non-reactive to the first event. The findings deny that with the available prices, during an event, abnormal returns are impossible. The analysis results make it easier for them to formulate sustainable policies and constitute a high-yield moderate-risk portfolio during such emergencies.


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Hanif, M., Hassan, M. ., Henchiri, B. ., & AlDaas, M. . (2022). Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on banking and financial sector stock returns. International Journal of Accounting, Business and Finance, 1(2), 19–35.



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